Workshop on climate change education, awareness & behavior


In both the EU and the EaP countries, citizen engagement is an underdeveloped tool for climate change policy. Climate change awareness and education have the potential to ensure support for ambitious policies as well as enable actual greenhouse gas reductions with behavioural changes. This workshop aimed to inspire and empower youth and policy-makers from the EU and EaP countries to step up climate change awareness and action in their home country. Participants were encouraged to signal opportunities for citizen climate change engagement by providing them with academic and practical tools, exchanging experiences and visiting a practical implementation example. The event took place in Brussels and Ghent in 10-11 February 2020.

The National Youth Council of Moldova was represented at the event by Andrei Gaiu, Board member, CNTM / Executive Director, Association „Youth for the right to live” (TDV). During the discussions, Andrei raised the issues of integrity, ethics and hypocrisy in the context of the civil society organization and donors which are working on issues related to SGDs but do not compile with them in their daily activities. A special attention was given to the negative impact of the hypocrisy of the actors which want to combat the climate change, but often their actions demotivate the simple people, who are the stakeholders who’s behavior in fact should change in order to reduce their impact on climate change.

The first day of the event was streamed online. The first part can be seen here and the second here.