European Seniorforce Day: Harnessing the Power of Senior Volunteers

European Seniorforce Day: Harnessing the Power of Senior VolunteersInternational Day of Older Persons is celebrated every year, thoughout the world on 1 October.

In the context of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012 (EY2012), the European Commission called on public authorities and volunteer organisations all over Europe to dedicate the International Day of Older Persons to engaging more senior volunteers and to capitalising of the contributions older people bring to society through volunteering.

Whether observed on 1 October or any other day in October, organisation, public authorities and other stakeholders are encouraged to organise community action days, recognition events, volunteer fairs or any other activity that promotes senior volunteering. So this year,  public authorities and volunteer organisations all over Europe are invited to devote one day  in  October to find new ways of engaging senior volunteers and making the most of their contributions.

There is plenty of scope for different events and activities: volunteer fairs, community action days (e.g. to improve a public space), young volunteers inviting older people to join in their activities (‘bring a buddy’) … You are bound to have other ideas of your own! Local volunteer groups could team up with local authorities to organise these events and to spread the word through the local media.


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