Your volunteer action changing the world

ImagineYesterday the UNV and its partners launched „Volunteer Action Counts” – a multimedia campaign to showcase the importance of volunteer action for sustainable development at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) taking place in June in Rio de Janeiro, BRazil.

“Volunteer Action Counts” allows for volunteers to share their stories and be recognized for their work, as well as inspire others to action. An @ActionCounts Twitter page will also reach out to volunteers and promote the value of active participation in achieving sustainable development.

The campaign gives volunteers like yourself, along with communities and organisations, a chance to show what you are doing for the future of our planet and generations to come.

The results of all these volunteer actions will be presented at the Rio+20 conference. A multi-media presentation will showcase the counted voices of volunteers worldwide to the over 50,000 people participating at the summit. The campaign will make your actions count at Rio+20!

The UNV are asking you and all volunteers around the world to share your volunteer experiences using the Social Media tool you prefer – ideally Twitter, but Facebook and others also count – and make sure to tag your actions under the #actioncounts hash tag. This was your volunteer contribution to improve the world will be heard at Rio+20.

The UNV are also reaching out to organisations, asking them to promote the Volunteer Action Counts campaign by spreading news about the campaign on your website and other channels and also by retweeting the campaign’s main messages. You can download campaign banners for your website at the partner website.


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