10 000 European Voluntary Service opportunities in 2012

“Five million young Europeans, the future of our society, are currently unemployed and need our help. The rates of young people seeking work in some of our member states are simply staggering, reaching nearly 50% in some countries.(…) With today’s initiative we are developing more immediate action that will help drive down youth unemployment”, commented Commission President José Manuel Barroso in a press release to the recently adopted communication „Youth Opportunities Initiative”.

The Commission called on member states to prevent early school leaving, help youngsters develop skills relevant to the labour market, ensure work experience and on-the-job training, and help young people find a first good job. The Commission also urges member states to make better use of the European Social Fund which still has €30 billion of funding uncommitted to projects. In addition, the Commission has put forward a set of definite initiatives to be financed directly by EU funds.

Continuare pe http://ec.europa.eu/youth/news/20110125-youth-oppportunities-initiative_en.htm

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