The final report on the Athens’ conference is now available online

The Athens EU-level Thematic Conference on volunteering was the third of four such conferences organised by the European Commission in the context of the European Year of Volunteering 2011. Its purpose was to look at the world of volunteering through the eyes of the volunteering organisations, to identify and discuss the problems they face. It was, therefore, the sister conference of the 2nd EU-level thematic conference that was held in Brussels in May, which looked at the world of volunteering through the eyes of the individual volunteers.

The conference was designed to be highly interactive, giving the participants a maximum of opportunity to express themselves in a participative approach marked by ‘open space’, ‘world café’ and ‘pro-active world café’ formats.

213 persons were registered for the event, with around half coming from EU-level networks of organisations involving volunteers (mainly members of the EYV 2011 Alliance), and the remainder comprising representatives from Member State governments, businesses and Greek NGOs.

You can see the report of the conference here.


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