The Volunteer Week in Prague has started!

The week devoted to volunteering in the Czech Republic began on November 1st with great success. 

Jan Kocourek, Deputy Minister (Sports and Youth Section), Jan Michal, Head of European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic and Michal Lukeš, Managing Director of the National Museum of the music were the stars of the opening Tour Stop in Prague.

The Tour is being held in the spectacular Czech Museum of Music where the acoustics were put to test with a fabulous concert after the opening ceremony.

For one week (1 to 7 November, 2011), the Czech Museum of Music will receive organisations involved in volunteering, workshops for schools focusing on active participation in society, lectures, round table discussions, activities by organisations – such as board games, creative workshops, etc.

On 2 November, the public was invited to play board games, learn more about dog therapy and learn the basics of Esperanto. There is something for everyone because the activities of the volunteers are very interesting and based on areas as diverse as health, social services, culture, sports, children and youth, environment, business, the international community, rescue, etc.


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