The Tour ended in Berlin with a unique day of festivities

On October 20 for the last day of the Volunteering Tour, we publicly presented a wide range of activities dedicated to volunteer emergency services.

During the Tour week prior to the culminating event, we received more than 100 associations that came to share their good practices.  From this group a jury chose six associations that were invited to participate as semifinalist in an awards ceremony where more than 80 people attended.  In the same room that had received all cooperating associations, the audience choose the best practice by the biggest round of applause!

The volunteers of the winning association from Germany  „Bürgerschaftliches Bundesnetzwerk Engagement” were very happy to receive the award for first place. They will be honored by traveling to Denmark in May of 2012 to raise awareness about the importance of volunteer work outside their home country.

Volunteer teams who presented during the day came from organizations such as “First Samaritan Assistance Teams” (FAST) –that made demonstrations on a treatment plant for drinking water –  and the Association of St. John Ambulance that taught interested children and adults first aid techniques.

Additional public information was available through the German Association of Firefighters (Deutscher Feuerwehrverband /), the National Association of Volunteer Fire Brigades Berlin (Berlins Feuerwehr Freiwilligen Landesverband der), the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (Technisches Hilfswerk) and the German Maritime Rescue (DGzRS – Die Seenotretter).

ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund) volunteer teams conducted demonstrations to visitors during the day on various programmes they run related to rescue work. They showed their rescue dogs (ASB-Rettungshundestaffel), and the ASB aquatic team answered the questions from the public about their life-boat that was exhibited all day in the Sony Center.


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