One day in the Tour stop in Berlin dedicated to active ageing

On Tuesday October 18, the Tour Stop Berlin dedicated the day to Active Ageing. As we all know, 2012 has been proclaimed by the European Commission the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, which means that many associations were present to be informed of the proposals for this year, which need the help of volunteers.

The great moment of the day was the roundtable debate chaired by Professor Ursula Lehr, president of Bags (Federal Association of Senior Citizens Organisations „Die Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Senioren-Organisationen der”) and Franz Müntefering, German politician who was Chairman of the SPD (Social Democratic Party). The theme of this roundtable was „Diskussionsrunde:” Active Ageing – freedom or commitment? The public was invited to participate and express their views and concerns to the experts present. Practical experiences were shared with new patterns of behaviour, emphasised intergenerational equity, retirement and political responsibility for the young and old.

During the day, visitors could learn about different associations related to active ageing and general German volunteering activities or participate in various activities such as the obstacle course in a wheelchair.

The day concluded with a Cabaret show (Ehrenamtskabarett „Die Lückenbüßer”) that was staged in the conference room by a group of artists all over 60 years old.


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