Berlin officially opens the German European Year of Volunteering Tour Stop

Friday morning (14th October) the Secretary of State in the German Ministry for Family, Senior citizens, Women and Youth, Josef Hecken, and the Deputy Head of the European Commission Representation in Germany, Marie-Thérèse Duffy-Häusler, officially opened the EYV Tour in Berlin. The Tour is taking place from Friday 14 until Thursday 20 October 2011 at the Potsdamer Platz.

Both speakers highlighted the importance of civil engagement and to recognize the commitment of the over a third of the German population, meaning 23,5 Million volunteers. Secretary of State Hecken explained that the state can only prepare the ground and framework to enable volunteering, while the engagement had to come from the citizens themselves and not through political regulations. Three volunteers were interviewed by Secretary of State Hecken about their motivations and experiences.

Ms Duffy-Häusler handed the EYV Relay camera over from Mihails Kozlovs from Latvia to Melanie Rietdorf from Germany. Mihails was filming the work at OIVs in different cities in Germany, and Melanie is travelling on Saturday to the Netherlands where she’ll report from different organisations and attends the next EYV Tour stop. During the week over 100 volunteering organizations will present in the Sony Center an attractive and interactive program, with the market place of opportunities, where organisations present their work, conferences, workshop and outdoor activities.

Every day the Tour is dedicated to a different volunteering subject:

    * 14/10: Official opening
    * 15/10: Sports and Environment
    * 16/10: Family day
    * 17/10: Social Engagement
    * 18/10: Active Ageing / Health
    * 19/10: Youth and Education20/10: Blue light organizations

Everyone is invited to the EYV Tour stop in Berlin, the daily opening hours are 10h-18h. See also the German EYV website and program in detail.


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