The European Night Without Accident

The European Night Without Accident is an awareness campaign in nightclubs all across Europe on Saturday 15th of October, coordinated by Responsible Young Drivers Foundation. In each nightclub a team of young volunteers welcomes the drivers at the entrance, and encourages them to take a responsible attitude behind the wheel. When they leave the party, our team suggest that they undergo a breathalyzer and/or a drug test.

Through spontaneous discussions with the revellers, the message becomes more impressive and surely more convincing. No moralising, nor repressive speech that tends to frighten young people away. This positive peer-to-peer approach gives the best results on the short and long term.

Our Project:

EUROPEAN: the 27 project partners will simultaneously be present in 200 nightclubs in all 27 Member States of the European Union.

NIGHT: the European Night Without Accident will take place during the night of October 15th to 16th, i.e. from Saturday evening until Sunday at dawn. Most of car crashes involving young drivers happen during weekend’s nights, the so-called “Saturday night fever”.

WITHOUT ACCIDENT: the purpose of this night is to encourage drivers, that we will meet on recreational settings, to take up their responsibilities, hence being able to drive back home safely after the party.


Set up with an awareness booth at the entrance of many recreational settings (nightclubs and other parties), young volunteers greet the arriving revellers and propose a challenge to the designated drivers: come and blow into the breathalyzer before hitting the road and commit to trying to remain sober all evening, hence safe while driving back home. They receive a bracelet as a distinctive sign of their commitment. Later in the night, the designated drivers will have the opportunity to undergo an alcotest and / or a drug test to make sure to safely drive back home and to prove to their friends that they are young but responsible! If the challenge is met, the participant receives a small gift.

The overall purpose of the European Year of Volunteering is to encourage and support the efforts of the EU, the Member States, local and regional authorities, to create the conditions conducive to volunteering in the European Union and to increase the visibility of voluntary activities in the EU.