The EYV Tour Stop in Warsaw successfully ended after having 14 days of activities and conferences

The EYV Tour Stop in Warsaw successfully ended after having 14 days of activities, discussions related to many different fields such as youth, persons with disability, culture, volunteer rescue, prevention, corporate volunteerism for seniors, charity, health, international, e-volunteering. Overall more than organisations participated and the number of visitors reached over 7000.

The last two days were devoted to sports closely connected with the context of Euro 2012. They were two intense days with many activities at the plaza of the Palace of Culture and Arts, just to name a few: rock climbing, hockey, volleyball. Besides the outdoor activities,  lectures and discussions with famous athletes, including: Robert Korzeniowski, considered as a of the best walkers of all time, Diablo Krzysztof Wlodarczyk was world boxing champion in his category and Irena Swewinska, Polish athlete specializing in sprints and long jump who participated in five Olympic Games, winning seven medals – enriched the program inside the tent.

Mr. Adam Giersz, Minister of Sport and Tourism attended the event. The presence of the famous athletes and the minister himself was a strong point to encourage citizens to participate and be a volunteer with relation of any subjects that interest them.

In the context of Euro 2012, the event was also very important for the organizers to see how to involve volunteers.


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