Round Table: “How can Business – NGO partnerships add value to Corporate Social Responsibility”

The relationship between business and NGOs has become a long way over the last decade. The development of the better understanding of the complex interconnections of business within society has led to a drive towards company NGO partnerships. These partnerships are now becoming more sophisticated, strategic and aligned to business objectives, in many cases moving beyond philanthropy towards “win-win” partnership with strong “core” business, social and environmental benefits.

Partnership between NGOs and business represents one way for companies to manage their impacts and satisfy the expectations placed on them by governments and communities, while also offering a way for NGOs to add value to their own activities and increase their impact on beneficiary communities. 
The participants of the Round Table will identify how to create deeper partnerships, with both parties contributing skill, resources and expertise. The close alignment of NGOs and their private sector partners creates numerous benefits for both sides:

  • Increase of equity in relationship, allowing for exchange of ideas and strategy that often leads to more sustained commitment to the partnership from both sides.
  • The merging of non-profit and for-profit expertise develops powerful programmes that can be financially sustainable with significant social impact.
  • Both NG staff and company employees learn from each other.
  • NGOs learn for-profit strategies for increased organizational efficiency and management.
  • Consider “Best Practices” of partnerships between business and civil society throughout the world.
  • Explore the possibilities to create win – win partnerships.
  • Identify strategies for minimizing risk and conflict. How these strategies work.

09:00 – 9:30 Welcome coffee / participants’ registration
09:30 -11:00 “How much does Business – NGO partnership cost”, Maryna Saprykina, Head of the Center of CSR Development, Ukraine 
„How to build and sustain partnerships that deliver win – win results” , Jane Madden, Executive Vice President, Director, CSR & Sustainability, Chicago
11:00 -11:30 Coffee break
11:30 -13:00 Interactive session, Business – NGO dialogue