The EYV Tent opened its doors in Warsaw

The Polish EYV Tent located in front of the great Palace of Culture at the Defilad square in Warsaw was inaugurated on the 1st of September with the presence of high Polish officials.

Jarosław Duda, Undersecretary of State for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled People, supervisor for the Polish National Coordinating Body for the EYV 2011, recalled that the Polish EYV celebrations endorsed three objectives: promoting the values connected with and benefits arising out of voluntary activities, creating a fashion for volunteering, supporting organizers of volunteering and improving the system’s approach towards volunteering.

Irena Wóycicka from the EU Presidency Office announced that on the 30th September, the Presidency office  will host a conference on volunteering, co-organized with the European Commission.

Ewa Synowiec, the Head of EC Representation in Poland emphasized that volunteering also effects the economic development of countries. According to her information volunteers work out from 0.5 to 5 percent of EU countries’ GDP.

The first day of the Polish Tour stop was dedicated to the integration of disabled people. Twelve organizations presented their activities and shared experiences. The Institute of Psychology and Neurology of Warsaw provided the venue with very colorful exhibition of art works done by disabled people. The Radwanek Theatre Company from Anna Dymna Foundation composed of disabled actors performed their latest play.

The Polish Association for Deaf People organized the game The City of Deaf People outside the Tent. The aim of the game was to educate citizens and help them understand problems that deaf people face. The participants had to do several tasks and make themselves understood without speaking.

Synapsis Foundation which supports people affected by autism, installed a „Cube” with soft mattresses, a distorting mirror, frosted glasses. Thanks to this activity visitors realized how people with autism perceive the world. The installation shows how difficult it is to perform the simplest tasks, if each of the senses – sight, hearing, sensation, balance – are disrupted.

The participation was a great success, about 800 people visited the tent which remains open for 13 more days and offers activities, exhibitions, debates, games, film projections and many other activities related to 12 different volunteering areas.


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