Great ideas for volunteering from Ireland EYV Tour stop

The thematical days of the Tour stop in Dublin allows everyone to get involved in volunteering according to their interest. The second day theme was volunteering for all ages, which included a workshop on EVS, so all young people interested could clear their doubts about this great opportunity. A very interesting presentation of an intergenerational project followed called: Wizards of Words Workshop carried out by Barnardos organisations. This project is an outstanding example on how older generations can share their knowledge, experience and be a great helper for children who are “little bit behind in reading”. They are working together with schools, where children has limited access to book, limited life experience therefore limited vocabulary. Once the children, parents are ready to participate and the project coordinator has gathered all relevant information on the child from the school, the child has a reading class with one of the volunteers (who are always 55+ of age) and meet them 3 times a week, which is “not just reading a book to a child”, but much more. Two of the actual volunteers of the project explained why he loved to participate and how much he enjoyed helping in such a natural way. There is always an amazing bond between them at the end of the school year.

Afterwards Volunteer Now, the umbrella volunteer organisations from Northern Ireland gave some insight on some of their research why people over 50 makes great volunteers. Just to mention a few point: maturity, life experience, variety of skills, availability, loyalty, diversity. They encouraged organisations to top on this age group, but also emphasized on the right approach, which would be “try before you buy”, as they have the fear of pressure to commit.

The following days had great thematics such as arts & sports, development & campaigning. Here again everyone could find opportunities for volunteering in many domains. Children had great fun in participating in a Fairytale Family Dance in the Three Little Pigs fairy tale presented by the Dublin Children Museum: Imaginosity. Wednesday afternoon the traffic was “affected” by the Dawson Street, as life music was performed in front of the building and as a group of children amazed the passersby with a typical Irish dance.

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