EYV 2011 launch in Athens

The European Year of Volunteering 2011 arrived to Athens (Greece) on 17 March 2011, gathering important state representatives and a numerous public.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Mr Yiannos Livanos, the Secretary General for Youth Hellenic Republic Ministry of Labour & Social Security, who presented the EYV 2011 and volunteering situation in Greece.

Mr Kapetanidis Aggelos, the EU Parliament Representative in Greece, and Mr Tzekos Thodoris, Secretary General for Management of the EU funds, confirmed their support of the volunteering actions.

Mr Aris Peroulakis, Head of sector Communication/Partnerships & Networks European Commission Representation in Greece underlined in her speech the importance of volunteering nowadays, especially during the financial crisis.

„The European Commission intends, through the European Year of Volunteers, to create a favourable environment for the volunteers’ labour, to ensure that good ideas can take place where passion and purposefulness are not stifled by bureaucracy, and the precious time that volunteers offer will not be used aimlessly because of administrative obstacles,” said Mr Peroulakis.

After these short speeches, Ms Angeliki Boura, Special Advisor to the Secretary General for Youth and National Coordinating Body for Greece presented the Relay Reporters Mr Dimitris Argyriou, Ms Clara Sanz and the Relay Coordinator, Mr Georges Drouet. The Relay Reporters – about whose activity you can read here – said a few words about their mission in this project.

Sursa: www.europa.eu

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