The Tour Stop of the European Year of Volunteering arrives to the Spanish capital.

The EYV Tour will be in Madrid between 28 February 2011 and 5 March 2011, in Palacio Marqués de Salamanca. Various volunteering organisations will have the opportunity to present their work and share their experiences during the conferences, presentations, workshops, debates and photo exhibitions.

The first day of the event will host different activities related to social implication, for example the conference “Volunteering with ill people” will be held by the Spanish Association against Cancer, the debate “Good volunteering practices in the network: public hospitals of Madrid” and the exhibition “Volunteering looks” will be organised by the Spanish Red Cross.

During the second day of the Madrid Tour Stop, 1 March 2011, is presented the projects of the volunteers that fight to preserve the environment. The visitors would have the possibility to attend the workshop untitled “Protecting the environment by using IT”.

“Participation and citizenship” is the main theme of the activities to take place during the third day, 2 March 2011. The activities will focus mainly on volunteering programs targeted to elder and their social acceptance.

3 March 2011is the day to talk about corporative volunteering and social responsibility. The next day will bring up to light various volunteering projects related to education and social values. “Education, sport and volunteering” is the title of the workshop to be presented the same day.
Madrid Tour Stop will conclude on 5 March 2011 after presenting activities related to development cooperation, such as a theatre performance and a movie projection.

More information about the activities in the Tour Stop here:


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